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Kid Testing

One of the challenges 360KID loves best is designing characters and games that appeal to any given audience, in any given content area, on any given platform. But how do you know when you've hit the mark? The only sure way is to test your work directly with the target audience. That's why we're dedicated to testing and why, on any given day, you may hear youthful squeals floating in and around the offices of 360KID.

Kid-testing can take many forms and may be used in many different phases of development, starting as early as character and interaction design and continuing right through to post-production. Storyboards, character sketches, summary descriptions, mock-ups, prototypes, or full programs may be tested, depending on the stage and purpose of the testing. 360KID offers a range of testing options, including the production of videotaped sessions as well as building special data recording devices into the product to capture timing, selection, and user interface control. This information can be used to evaluate the child's experience or record successes or failure of sections of a product. It can also be used as a basis to modify the product for greater enjoyment by the target audience.