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QA/Bug Database

Before releasing a project to a client (at any stage, be it a Prototype, Alpha, Beta or Release Candidate), 360KID performs internal "Developer" and "Ad Hoc/Real World" testing on all project releases to identify any obvious coding problems for correction.

360KID also recommends that our clients submit Beta and Release Candidates to a professional third-party quality assurance testing facility.

We believe it is through vigorous third-party testing that a product becomes solid and ready for distribution into a commercial marketplace. 360KID is happy to arrange third-party quality-assurance testing, and to make recommendations and manage bug reporting systems.

As part of working with any company, 360KID offers its own customizable bug database and content management system to report any feedback, comments, additions, or changes. All database entries can be sorted by release (Alpha 1, Beta 6, etc.), reviewer name, issue classification, content type, or bug status. This tool is available online to any specified team member to view the status of any request at any time. With this tool comments or changes entered are always available in real time, making the process of signing off on releases simple, organized, and streamlined.